We are located in North Liberty, Iowa, between
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa.

Huey-522 Capriole’s Sharp Dressed Man, NAP-Huey

Why Capriole, pronounced ‘ka-prE-“Ol, for a kennel name?
Capriole came from my love of horses and interest in dressage, and my foundation bitch Carly, Ch. Maplesugar Carillon, TD, NAJ, TDI, ROM-X
who made it clear from puppy hood she loved to be airborne. A Capriole isĀ  characterized by “a vertical leap with a backward kick of the hind legs at the height of the leap.” So it seemed very fitting to use in reference to such athletic, airborne Spaniels.

Ch. Maplesugar Carillon (Carly), TD, NAJ, TDI, ROM-X

Carly came to live with us in June of 1996. I had no interest in breeding when I got her, but it only took a short time till I fell deeply for her and the breed. The first litter to carry the “Capriole” name was born on November 3rd, 1999.
Carly became a ROM Excellent producer, an agility dog, a tracking dog and a registered Therapy Dog. Her offspring and their extended Get appear prominently in many pedigrees of today’s top winning conformation and
performance Field Spaniels.